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Our Delta. Our History. Our Celebration

About the Muskrat Jamboree 


For as long as we can remember, people of the Mackenzie Delta followed the flow of the seasons while pursuing traditional livelihoods such as hunting, trapping, and living on the land. In 1957 people gathered in what is now Inuvik, Northwest Territories to celebrate Spring in the Delta and hosted the first ever Muskrat Jamboree. After the long Arctic winters locals would come together to eat, play, dance, and meet up with family and friends who they hadn't seen over the winter.


After over 65 years, this celebration continues today in a four-day community festival. The majority of the community events such as harpoon throwing, tea boiling, dog team races, and skidoo races take place down on the frozen East Channel of the Mackenzie River. While other events such as community feasts, drumming, dancing, talent shows, and opening ceremonies usually take place indoors at the local recreation complex or secondary school.

Our Founders


We celebrate and honour the Elders and people who came before us. We appreciate when they are willing to share their knowledge & traditions with us and our communities. The Muskrat Jamboree has a long history of dedicated individuals who have worked hard to continue the Muskrat Jamboree for years to come.

Our Volunteers


The Muskrat Jamboree would not be possible without the tireless dedication and hard work of our Board, Committee, and community volunteers. Countless hours are spent planning to bring this amazing event to Inuvik each and every year.

Looking Back


2023 marked our 65th Anniversary of the Muskrat Jamboree. We are so grateful for all those that will help us celebrate this important milestone and look forward to another 65 years. 

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