muskrat king & queen

Crowning of the King & Queen

In 1957, the Inuvik Muskrat Jamboree crowned their first Queen. Following in that tradition, each year contestants run for their chance at local royalty. While many years the Muskrat Jamboree names both a King & a Queen, in 2017 in honour of the 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, a sole Queen was named. In subsequent years both a King & Queen will be selected.

2019 Inuvik Muskrat Jamboree King & Queen 
William Day & Ashlyn Hendrick

Community Fundraising

The Muskrat Jamboree Committee and the annual event is a cornerstone of the Inuvik community. Not only does the Jamboree bring people together from across the Mackenzie Delta to celebrate the return of Spring, but the event and the committee work hard all year round to give back to the local community.

Each contestant that runs for King and/or Queen is asked to fundraise on behalf of the committee. Subsequently each year much of the profits raised from such efforts are returned to a local non-profit organization in Inuvik. The contestants to raise the most money will be crowned King & Queen.

The Contestants

2019 Inuvik Muskrat Jamboree King & Queen Contestants
William Day & Ashlyn Hendrick
Justin Frost & Serena Wright
Donovan Arey & Leah Ipana
Roy Jr. & Trista Ipana